Irish Breakfast Vs English Breakfast Tea

The Tea universe would not be something the same without English and Irish breakfast teas. The significance of these blends can be evaluated from the fact that they have an enormous effect on making the entire western tea culture. Presently, there is not a single tea enthusiast on the planet who has not caught wind of breakfast teas. There is a huge list of breakfast teas, however the most top pick and well known blends are those that have been consumed for thousands of years. These well-known blends are English, Irish and Scottish breakfast teas.

This article is aimed to provide a detailed knowledge on breakfast teas, Irish breakfast, English breakfast and the difference between both of them. Before we dive into the comparison of Irish and English teas we need to comprehend what breakfast tea is?

What Is Breakfast Tea?

Breakfast teas are black tea blends planned to go with a generous, healthy morning meal and accordingly more flavourful than evening tea blends. These teas are more effective, strong and compelling that they work out best with milk. These breakfast teas mixed with Assam tea are known to have large caffeine content.

Breakfast teas are an amazing way to enjoy the first thing in the morning and are a main part of the menu in tea shops, cafes, restaurants and evening tea rooms. Owing to the high caffeine levels, breakfast teas are the perfect choice for coffee lovers.

Irish Breakfast Vs English Breakfast teas

Irish and English breakfast teas differ from each other on the basis of strength, flavour, ingredients and therapeutic properties. Both of these blends are made from black tea and additional fixings alter the flavour and health effects. As one type of blend contains Ceylon tea while the other possesses more Assam tea which provides some additional properties to both blends.

Irish Breakfast Tea

Irish tea comprises of black tea just like in English breakfast tea and the principle contrast is that as a rule it has more Assam tea leaves in blend. This principle mixing offers a reddy color and sweet and nutty taste. Ireland is famous for dairy products, it’s said that a strong mixture is significant because many people like to add milk in the tea. It is believed that Irish breakfast tea gained popularity at the time “British East India Company” started growing the tea in Assam. Irish breakfast is stronger than its counterpart English breakfast, request from the Irish person to tell the distinction and they’ll let you know that Irish blend is simply better. Well, if you are searching for something stronger, take this Irish breakfast tea as a first part of the day.

Health Benefits Of Irish Breakfast Tea

Irish breakfast tea contains health benefits of black tea as English breakfast, however, Assam tea as a main ingredient offers some additional benefits to health.

Assam tea is loaded with various plant compounds and healthful nutrients which help improve heart and brain health and boost immune functions.

Vitamin A and E are essential for optimizing skin health leaving the skin glowing and younger.

Catechins, theaflavins and thearubigins in Assam tea are plant compounds which possess powerful antioxidant properties. These antioxidants act as scavengers of free radicals, prevent oxidative damage and reduce the risk of chronic diseases including cancer.

They help promote heart health by lowering cholesterol levels, regulating blood pressure and preventing deposition of fats in blood vessels.

Besides having a wide array of health benefits, Assam tea may have some downsides. This tea contains high levels of caffeine which is not suitable for people avoiding caffeine consumption. Tannins present in this tea may reduce the absorption of iron and some quantities of heavy metals like aluminum are harmful for brain health.

English Breakfast Tea

At its Inception, English breakfast tea consisted primarily of Chinese tea. With the growth of the tea industry, the formula of English tea also changed. In present days, English breakfast tea contains teas from various countries like India, Kenya, China and Sri Lanka. Nowadays, in general this tea blend contains particularly high content of Ceylon tea.

Origin of English Breakfast Tea

There are various stories related to the origin of English breakfast tea as some believe that it originated in Scotland while others thought its origin to be Chinese.

It is stated by Sanchez that its origin has been as Chinese black tea. It was then imported by India, Indonesia, Africa and Sri Lanka and English imported this tea in the 17th Century.

Then at the time of Opium wars, China forced a ban on importing this tea. It was the time when the British East India Company started growing tea in Assam and India. For some time the old stock of Chinese black tea diminished and new supplies of Indian tea began coming in and gained popularity. At the end of the 19th Century, tea was started to be grown in Ceylon and people started to have an increasingly strong part of Ceylon tea in this blend.

This blend results in lighter, sweeter and brisk astringent flavor and is less strong than its Irish counterpart.

Health Benefits Of English Breakfast Tea

English breakfast tea contains more quantities of Ceylon tea and health effects are related to this tea in addition to black tea.

Ceylon black tea is packed with antioxidants which provide a huge variety of health benefits to the body.

These phytochemicals have potential to reduce blood sugar levels, decrease LDL (bad cholesterol) and triglycerides. By reducing the risks, Ceylon black tea helps prevent diabetes and heart diseases.

Teas Used In Breakfast Blends

Both Irish and English breakfast teas contain strong black tea and other principle teas mixed in these blends. Here are some of teas commonly used in breakfast blends

  • Assam tea
  • Ceylon tea
  • Chinese keemun tea
  • Darjeeling tea
  • Kenyan tea
  • Nilgiri black tea

How To Make Breakfast Tea

There is no specific or single formula to brew the breakfast tea. You can customize the ingredient and steeping time according to your taste.

To brew the tea, take one teaspoon of tea leaves, add in one cup of boiled water and allow to steep for 3-5 minutes. Strain the tea and add some milk and cane sugar in the blend and enjoy the tea in the morning.

Bottom Line

English and Irish breakfast teas both contain same black tea and differ in additional principle ingredient which add specific flavor and properties to the blend. English breakfast teas comprises more than two or even four distinct teas while Irish teas contain two teas and is the stronger one. Irish tea comprises of more Assam tea while English tea have Greater content of Ceylon tea.

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