5 Reasons you should try blending teas – and how to come up with an amazing blend

Tea makers mingle various ingredients to make novel and unique flavors that turn the tea from calming to invigorating blends. A professional blender takes things a stride further to make the tea blend exclusive to the tea brand.

Some tea retailers even give chances to their clients to make the blend in view of selection of teas, infusions or herbs and spices. Tea blend is a fundamental perspective of a tea business making it more interesting and commercial for a number of purchasers. Blending tea is viewed as a technique with an objective of making the ideal taste, fragrance and appearance for every single purchaser and consumer. However, flavor is the ultimate objective in any blend.

In this article, we are intended to take a look at blending teas and how to create your own tea blend in detail.

What Is Tea Blend?

Tea blend is a final product obtained by addition of different teas with their unique characteristics. It is typically a pure tea or dried spice that joins different flavors together. Mint, lemongrass, spearmint and tart lemon, strawberries and hibiscus are incredible flavors for summer teas. Spices on the other hand make an amazing warming winter tea.

Reasons To Try Blending teas

Blending teas is fascinating and yields appealing flavours and fragrances. This is not only the reason to make the tea blends, there are five reasons you should try making your own blend.

1.Ensure Consistency In Quality Of Tea Batch

Blending tea is a method for guaranteeing the uniformity in the quality of tea on a large scale. Tea blends should be similar every time and tea producers need to guarantee that each tea mixture possesses the same quality again and again. This is why you generally get prime quality, reliable and astonishing tea blends with regards to commercial teas.

2.Possesses Numerous Health Benefits

 Tea blend is a method of acquiring the health perspectives with an art of drinking and making blends. Tea makers don’t believe in making blends with two teas only, they incorporate spices and flavors which possess powerful therapeutic properties. This is the reason tea blends have picked up the steam in China and India. In India, Ayurvedic medicine has been founded on blending herbs and spices and flavor teas for thousands of years. In many parts of the word, Tea blends are used for treatment for a variety of diseases and as a holistic health approach.

3.Perfect Way To Commercialize Tea

Tea blend is, obviously, a method of advertising the tea. Blending involves inspiring flavors and fragrances, it is a well known method of introducing the amazing tea to each family. Tea retailers and agents trust greatly on tea blends as it guarantees their quality and interest for tea blends remains consistent for their clients.

4.Give Amazing Flavor And Aroma

Tea blend is a perfect way to enjoy the characteristics of various teas and herbs and spices in a single cup of tea. Various ingredients when combined in a single blend give a unique and astonishing flavor and aroma. It is said that the ultimate objective of a tea blend is to get an appealing flavor and fragrance.

5.Turn Non-Tea Buyers To clients

Tea blend yields a characteristic flavor and taste offering a huge variety of health benefits. It is additionally an astounding method for getting non-tea buyers to become keen on tea, which brings about new clients.

Ways To Create Your own Tea Blends

Blending is not a new idea, blending tea with herbs and spices has been used for thousands of years. Blending tea has gained popularity in recent years as the advanced tea customers generally look for new and fascinating tea blends with a characteristic taste and aroma. This is the reason blending procedures are advancing continually. There are various exciting ways tea dealers mix and join teas.

Mixing Herbs

The most popular blending procedure is to incorporate different types of herbs and spices. Most commonly used herbs and spices for blending teas are peppermint, hibiscus, spearmint, chamomile, rose and ginger. These herbs and spices are blended in various quantities to yield a new and interesting flavor. These herbal tea blends are incorporated with various herbs and spices like turmeric, cinnamon, dried fruits and other herbs for different flavor and aroma.

 Herbs are mixed with an aim of special flavor and fragrance or due to their therapeutic properties. In some cases, the actual tea is forgotten and the blend comprises only herbs and spices. The justification behind is the requirement of making decaffeinated tea, obviously a simple herbal tea.

As far as the blending process is concerned, it can be carried out by hand as small tea sellers do, or it may also be done in blending drums for business purposes at large scales. Consistency of blend, weight and percentage of all the ingredients are noticed carefully. Consistent quality of each batch of tea blend is significant to keep the clients faithful to your brand.


Ingredients are usually added that give tea blend an artistic value and possess beneficial health effects. These ingredients don’t influence the flavor and fragrance of the blend, instead they only change the chemical composition and health effects of the blend. These inclusions do not add to the flavor profile, however, they definitely change the color and visual incitement for you.


Usually tea gets its aroma from the surrounding area where it is grown, fermented and dried. However, essence is also used to give the tea a specific aroma, for instance bergamot oil is used to scent black tea and jasmine is added to green and white tea.

Moreover, essential oils are also used to add essence to the tea. These oils are sprinkled on tea leaves batches that guarantee equal distribution of essence.

Process To Create Your Own Blend

  • To make your own blend at home, you need to add five tbsp. of base tea in a tin. Now add your principal ingredient which may be a tea or herb and spice.
  • Now, you can add 1 teaspoon of additional spices to the base tea and main ingredient. Try to add fruity or floral flavors which will avoid the disruption of flavor.
  • These inclusions won’t change the flavor of the blend but only add the color, change chemical composition and enhance medical benefits.
  • Now, essence should be added to the blending tea, you can add a few drops of essential oil to give your blend a unique aroma.
  • The last step is to place the blend in an airtight container and place it in a cool and dry place for 48 hours or more time.

Bottom Line

Blending tea is an artistic way to enjoy the unique flavour and characteristics of different ingredients in a single cup of tea. The purpose of making tea blends is to add the appealing flavour to the tea which turns the non-tea buyer to your customers.

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